Friday, October 30, 2009

Ingredient List Mistake

We wish we could promise that mistakes won’t happen, but they do, and we have made a mistake.  Thank you to one of our amazing costumers, who contacted us and let us know we made a mistake, we are here to fix it.  And that is what we can promise, to always fix a mistake that is made.  For those of you who purchased a Monthly Pocket Package 2, Recipe Package 4, or Weekly Package 4, there is an ingredient list that is missing the fresh ingredients for Chicken Fajitas.  Here is the new ingredient list for you to print out.  Thanks again for understanding!


Freebie Friday

Today I am going to link you to some FREE printables that I really love!  They come from Everyday Food Storage.  I believe that food storage is so important for emergencies, especially in this economy, you never know when you might need it.  Crystal is the gal behind Everyday Food Storage and does an amazing job teaching people how to use food storage and not let it go to waste.  She talks about how to substitute several every day cooking products for food storage items such as eggs for powdered eggs or milk for powdered milk.  She helps people realize that food storage isn’t just for storage but for using!!  I love her milk conversion charts and her bread recipes, but I’m sure all of her printables are just as amazing.  Go check out all her FREEBIES HERE! 

Thanks, Cammie

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloweeny Treats

IMG_3955 Who doesn’t love a good sugar cookie?!  Halloween and Christmas are the best holidays to make sugar cookies…they have the best shapes!  So, here’s a yummy sugar cookie recipe that’s perfect for a Halloweeny treat!

sugar cookies2

Don’t forget to check out our new Monthly Pocket designs!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We’re Adding Again!

Thanks to the demand for our monthly pockets, we keep selling out of our designs!  Yay!  So, we recently upped our inventory A LOT!  We’ve added 24 new design options for our monthly pockets.  Here’s a peek at what you have to choose from…monthly 18-29monthly 30-41

Many of the design options are extremely similar, so try not to go cross eyed!  Check out our PRICING page to purchase a pocket and pocket packages.  Remember, the holidays are right around the corner, and our Pocket System makes a GREAT gift!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Countdown

I love Halloween.  I love dressing up, I love the parties, I love the food and the candy, I love decorating, I love the trick-or-treating kids…I love Halloween.  I must admit though, being 8 months pregnant makes it a little (ok a lot) less exciting!  I don’t have a cute costume ready (for me, yes I still dress up normally!), and I really don’t feel like being a “fat” anything.  I haven’t done much decorating or any Halloweeny crafts.  I did, however, get all the candy today…and talk about NOT cheap!  Of course, I buy the candy that I would want if I were trick-or-treating, and I am picky about my candy!  And I’ve convinced my hubby to dress up like a cowboy with our 2 year old son. So, despite being super prego this year, I am looking forward to Halloween.  And we have lots to do this Halloween to keep us busy and hyped up on sugar! 

Meanwhile, though, I was in a reminiscing mood (ok, more of a “I wish I wasn’t pregnant and actually had energy for fun Halloween stuff” mood) and thought I’d just a couple pictures from last Halloween.  I’ll just pretend that if I weren’t pregnant, I would have done something similar…or better!  (Can you tell I am SO over being prego?!)

The Decor for the Halloween party we had (that we are not having this year!):

IMG_2707This was fun to make, and totally FREE!  I spray painted some branches black, covered a baby formula can in some festive fabric, filled it with candy corn and the branches and hung candy!  Easy! 

IMG_2706I finally remembered to take a picture of my decorated table AFTER everything had been pretty much demolished!  You get the picture though! 

On to the costumes…IMG_2681I will probably only be flaunting a pumpkin t-shirt this year and not freaky cool eyelashes and teased out hair! 

Picture 035Cammie will have to do the dressing up alone this year…sorry sista!

Happy Halloween!


Monday, October 26, 2009

Busy Holidays

fallI believe fall is one of the best times of the year because there is so much to do and all the fun holidays to celebrate.  This also means every year October rolls around I get SO busy and I’m busy all the way through Christmas!  This week is no exception, I am going to be busy, very busy.  Especially my evenings!  Every evening is filled with something; family night, a birthday party, a church activity, picking my parents up from the airport, my sons baptism, a Halloween party and of course trick-or-treating.  Times like this are when I am extremely grateful for the Pocket System.  I have picked some of the easiest meals for the week, got my list ready and tomorrow I am going shopping.  Each day when it comes to making dinner I won’t be scrambling to throw a meal together.  What I will do is simply pick one of the recipes in my pocket and make my family dinner.  I love when meal planning is this worry free!  If you are as busy as me I know you’ll benefit so much from our Pocket System.  Don’t wait until you get even busier, start today by ordering HERE!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Freebie Friday!

I am SO excited to share this freebie with you all today!  It is my Breakfast Menu!  I don’t know how many times I have said this before, but I am a breakfast lover!  I love pretty much any breakfast there is and I love to eat breakfast food any time of the day.  Growing up I had such an amazing mom who would get up early enough to make us a delicious breakfast.  Since she was always making breakfast, something she did was put all her breakfast recipes on one sheet of paper and tape it to the inside of her baking kitchen cupboard.  I have always thought this was a great idea, so I created a breakfast menu to share with you.  These are my favorite breakfasts, including 2 of my favorite syrups, a buttermilk syrup and a maple syrup.

Breakfast Menu

 Click HERE to download this FREEBIE!

***Update: We have been informed that our French toast syrup was missing the amount of baking soda, so I have fixed it and you can redownload or just write in 1 tsp. baking soda under the vanilla.  Thanks!

Thanks, Cammie

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Everybody makes mistakes…

We are no exception!  We recently found out that we made a mistake in one of our recipes, Ham and Broccoli Quiche.  In that recipe we forgot to put the ingredient broccoli, which is a pretty big deal.  It is however on the back of the recipe on the ingredient list.  This recipe is in Monthly Pocket Package 2, Weekly Pocket Package 4, and Recipe Package 4.  For those of you who have ordered these packages please add 2 C. broccoli cooked.  Also if you want to print the correct one out here it is:68 Ham and Broccoli Quiche Once again we are so sorry about our mistake and we hope there are more things to love about our Pocket System to make up for this!  Thanks so much!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pumpkin Cookies…oh yeah!

pumpkin-cookie Cammie mentioned yesterday that we needed a yummy pumpkin recipe posted today.  Well, I shall deliver!  These are probably one of our favorite fall treats.  Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies. The recipe makes a huge batch, but they vanish in no time!  You just can’t eat one!  I made them this weekend and they were gone so fast, I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of them!  However, I did a Google image search (the best invention ever!) and found a picture from a website called Yay for Google!Pumpkin Choc Chip Cookies2
Before I sign off, I did want to remind everyone that we have added some new monthly pocket designs!  We’ve been working hard to make lots of options for ya, so check it out and spread the word!  Also, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it is still October, which means we are still giving away a FREE Recipe Package with the purchase of any Pocket Package!  All you have to do is tell us which one you want when you’re checking out.  Happy shopping!


Monday, October 19, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

This last Saturday My family, Emily’s family, and our good friends the Jensen’s spent some time at Aholt’s Pumpkin Patch.  This was our second year going.  Last year we went on a VERY hot day and this year it was pretty darn cold!  We weren’t prepared for such a chili day, but the cold was not about to stop us from having a fun day!  We played on a giant slide, played in the corn filled sandboxes, got faces painted, the boys shot corn out of a corn gun, the kids and I road in a train, went through a maze, road some little cars in car town, went through a haunted house and drank some hot chocolate to warm us up.IMG_3663

 The HUGE slide was our first stop, my kids remembered it from last year and ran right for it!  IMG_3670The kids were not the only ones who LOVED the slide…even the daddy’s thought it was pretty cool.   IMG_3674 Casey even went down standing up, like he was riding on a snowboard!  His crash landing was hilarious!IMG_3672 Briggs trying out the slide on his belly IMG_3686 Shoveling and playing in the corn boxIMG_3696Steve ran right up to this and wanted his picture, I love how his little head barley pokes out! IMG_3700This is one of my favorite pictures!  Briggs was being silly and wanted to be the girl and he got Uncle Jesse to be the guy.  I love that Jesse is wearing sunglasses!  IMG_3693 Emily and JerIMG_3706Jer is getting Frankenstein painted on his faceIMG_3720 Briggs turn with the corn gun!  This thing is another hit with boys of all ages!IMG_3722 Stevie loved little car town he tried out the tractor and many different cars.IMG_3752 Here is the train we rode.  Madeleine was a little scared so I volunteered to go with her.  (Secretly I just wanted to ride)IMG_3761   Here are my kids just outside of the maze.  At the entrance of the maze was a shelf filled with little flashlights for the kids to take.  The kids grabbed one and off they went.  Since we sent them in alone, Emily, Molly and I patiently waited for the kids to come out.  It took them forever to get all the way through it and we were worried they were scared, but to our surprise they came out with big smiles on their faces.  Then they all ran back to do it again and again.  Ali said the maze was her favorite part of the day!


Our wonderful group sharing another one of my favorite traditions!  Now with all this talk about pumpkins, and it being the month of October, don’t you think Emily needs to post a yummy pumpkin recipe tomorrow?  I certainly do, I even have one in mind!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Freebie Friday!

We are so excited about our new addition to Pocket Full of Posies.  FREEBIE FRIDAY!!  We all love free stuff, so here’s a little freebie to you, from us! 

For our very first Freebie Friday, we decided to give you a download that will help you out just a little bit more in the kitchen.  How many times have to wished you knew a conversion, or a substitute, or a measurement off the top of your head?  Well, wish no more, we have 2 charts just for you.  Print these babies out and stick them on the inside of a cupboard, on your fridge, or where ever, and the next time you need a quick measurement, you’ll know just where to look!  Plus, they’re super cute!  Enjoy!freebie 1
Click HERE to download this FREEBIE!

-Cammie & Emily

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Hopping

top_mommy_blogs_com_headerright Cammie and I do a lot of blog hopping.  We find some of our best ideas or the best products through your blogs!  Recently, I came upon the coolest site that I thought I would share.  For any of you who may be like us, just starting up in the blogging world and trying to get your name out there, this place is so cool!  Or, if you just want a great resource for finding great blogs, this place is so cool!!  It’s called Top Mommy Blogs.

Top Mommy Blogs is a place to list your blog for FREE.  Your blog is then reviewed and listed in your chosen category.  Once listed, you start moving up the ranks depending on your site traffic and votes from readers.  The fact that it’s free had me from the beginning…I LOVE free stuff!  All I had to do was sign up and put their button on this blog and Pocket Full of Posies was listed and ready to be viewed by anyone looking through Top Mommy Blogs.  So far we are #57!  If you like us, vote for us by clicking on the “vote here” button on our sidebar or here.  And, check out this site…it rocks!  There’s tons of great mommy blogs just waiting for you to look at! 

So, I mentioned I LOVE free stuff…well, Cammie and I are both obsessed with finding free stuff online, hence the blog hopping!  If it’s free, we’ll find it.  So, we decided why not add some free stuff to our blog?!  Duh!!  Ok, here’s the best part…every Friday is going to be Freebie Friday and we’re going to share our favorite free stuff with all of you!  Some of it may be stuff we make up and just want to share, and some if it may be stuff we’ve found and know you can’t live without!  I know, I can’t wait til Friday either!  See ya then!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another way to use our Weekly Pockets

26When Emily and I first came up with our Pocket system we loved the idea of having a Monthly Pocket so we could plan for  a whole month. 

When we shared our Monthly Pocket System several of our friends, who loved the idea, were a bit overwhelmed by the idea of planning one month ahead.  That is when Emily and I decided to create a Weekly Pocket.  So if you like to plan week to week our Weekly Pocket Packages are perfect for you. 

BUT there are MORE ways you could use our Weekly Pocket!  You can use the Weekly Pockets to plan for lunches and desserts!  This idea came from our sister Rebecca who purchased a couple Weekly Pockets along side her Monthly Pocket.  I love this idea because I am a dessert lover!  Are you a dessert lover too?  Or do you like to plan for lunches?  Then check out our Weekly Pockets HERE!

Thanks,  Cammie

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Pockets Designs

We have been so excited about the orders we’ve been getting!  As you may have noticed, we’ve been selling out of some of our designs.  SO, as of today we have 5 new designs to add!  And there are more coming in the next several days.  We’ve been busy and hope you like what we’ve come up with!  Keep in mind, our Pocket System makes a GREAT gift too!  Happy shopping!

The ULTIMATE Apple Pie

After a Saturday of picking apples, Cammie and I ended up with a BUNCH of apples!  Of course that automatically means we start making desserts!  Our all time FAVORITE apple dessert is a little slice of heaven (or a really big slice in my case!).  Sour Cream Apple Pie.  Mmmm.  I know, sounds weird, but tastes AMAZING!  Your taste buds will thank us!  This pie is made the most during apple season, or any season at Cammie’s house!  And is always demolished at Thanksgiving!  You are really in for a treat!

Sour Cream Apple Pie pic

Monday, October 12, 2009

Apple Picking

IMG_3562 Apple Picking at Thierbach Orchards is one of my favorite things to do in October!  Last year a good friend introduced Emily and I to Thierbach Orchards where we became addicted to picking strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, peaches and apples.  Picking berries is SERIOUSLY addicting and apples are no exception!  We start off by going on a fun hay ride that takes us right to the large apple orchard.  They tell us which trees are ready to be picked and off we go.  This year we picked Mutsu apples, and they were AMAZING!  Every bite was just delicious!  Here are a few(okay a lot)of pictures from that day!

IMG_3543Here are the kids…Stevie, Jer, Ali, Briggs and Madeleine

IMG_3548   My FamilyIMG_3527  Ali and JerIMG_3515 Stevie and EmIMG_3536   Madeleine and Ali taking big BITES!IMG_3551 Emily’s FamilyIMG_3528Cute SteveIMG_3561  Emily and Cammie

IMG_3514 Steve and EmilyIMG_3521 After we got back to Thierbach’s store we let the kids play on their giant slide, bounce house, hay maze, feed the goats, and run around while we paid for our 20 lbs of apples!!!  Many of you may wonder what I’m going to do with ALL those apples, ooh the possibilities!  Apple cake, apple pie, apple crisp…tomorrow Emily will post a favorite apple recipe, trust me when I say it will be delicious!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Congrats to the winner of our give away on Fabulessly Frugal!  We seriously LOVE give aways and LOVE that we got to give away our system!  There was such a response on Fabulessly Frugal, that we decided to bring back our Recipe Package promo!  So, when you buy any Monthly or Weekly Pocket Package throughout October, you get a FREE Recipe Package!  Yay for FREEBIES! 

Since we are new to the blogging world…Cammie and I are trying very hard to find the best things to post about that will be most interesting to our readers.  We want you people to bookmark our site and come back!  We’ve actually got some great ideas for things to come!  Meanwhile, any ideas or suggestions would be VERY helpful!  What do you want to read about?  What do you NOT want to read about?  What do you want to know about us?  Leave us some comments and let us know!


Monday, October 5, 2009

Pocket Full of Posies, Featured

 We are so excited about this week.  Starting today, we are sponsoring a GIVE AWAY on another amazing site, Fabulessly Frugal. The give away starts today and you have 48 hours to try and win!  So check out Fabulessly Frugal for a chance to win! 

It’s a great site all about being frugal and saving money.  It’s perfect for what we’re all about here!  And even better, they are celebrating their 1 year mark and doing 10 days of give aways!  We’re day 5, and SO excited!BIRHTDAYBASHcopy

Coming up this week…

More FREE recipes, and 2 more features of our own!  Spread the word!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Technical Difficulties

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we are experiencing some technical difficulties with our ordering process.  Things will be up and running shortly, so please check back soon.  Everything will be fixed and working BEFORE Monday, October 5.  Thanks!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Feature of the Day

The cool, fall weather has officially settled in, which means some serious soup cravings.  But what about the crock pot?!  Get it out and dust it off, because our featured blog is FULL of every kind of crock pot recipe imaginable. 

A Year of Slow Cooking was originally started at the beginning of 2008 by Stephanie O’Dea.  She made a New Year’s resolution to use her crock pot every day for 2008, and then post the recipes.  Well, she sure did it…and now we can all benefit!  Check out her blog for some GREAT ideas and very helpful slow cooking information.

If you want to go straight to a listing of every recipe she’s posted, click here.

 book_promo_02Stephanie is also the author of Make It Fast, Cook It Slow, check it out!

Also, today is the LAST DAY of our promo!  Buy any Monthly or Weekly Pocket Package and get a Recipe Package FREE!  Offer ends today…hurry!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Recipe of the Day

black bottomsToday we are sharing with you a very yummy and very easy treat that everyone will love.  The best part about Black Bottom Cupcakes is that they are just as good right out of the oven or the next day!   Enjoy!

Black bottom cupcakes recipe