Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Countdown

I love Halloween.  I love dressing up, I love the parties, I love the food and the candy, I love decorating, I love the trick-or-treating kids…I love Halloween.  I must admit though, being 8 months pregnant makes it a little (ok a lot) less exciting!  I don’t have a cute costume ready (for me, yes I still dress up normally!), and I really don’t feel like being a “fat” anything.  I haven’t done much decorating or any Halloweeny crafts.  I did, however, get all the candy today…and talk about NOT cheap!  Of course, I buy the candy that I would want if I were trick-or-treating, and I am picky about my candy!  And I’ve convinced my hubby to dress up like a cowboy with our 2 year old son. So, despite being super prego this year, I am looking forward to Halloween.  And we have lots to do this Halloween to keep us busy and hyped up on sugar! 

Meanwhile, though, I was in a reminiscing mood (ok, more of a “I wish I wasn’t pregnant and actually had energy for fun Halloween stuff” mood) and thought I’d just a couple pictures from last Halloween.  I’ll just pretend that if I weren’t pregnant, I would have done something similar…or better!  (Can you tell I am SO over being prego?!)

The Decor for the Halloween party we had (that we are not having this year!):

IMG_2707This was fun to make, and totally FREE!  I spray painted some branches black, covered a baby formula can in some festive fabric, filled it with candy corn and the branches and hung candy!  Easy! 

IMG_2706I finally remembered to take a picture of my decorated table AFTER everything had been pretty much demolished!  You get the picture though! 

On to the costumes…IMG_2681I will probably only be flaunting a pumpkin t-shirt this year and not freaky cool eyelashes and teased out hair! 

Picture 035Cammie will have to do the dressing up alone this year…sorry sista!

Happy Halloween!


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  1. I love your treat tree! So simple but looks awesome!