Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Hopping

top_mommy_blogs_com_headerright Cammie and I do a lot of blog hopping.  We find some of our best ideas or the best products through your blogs!  Recently, I came upon the coolest site that I thought I would share.  For any of you who may be like us, just starting up in the blogging world and trying to get your name out there, this place is so cool!  Or, if you just want a great resource for finding great blogs, this place is so cool!!  It’s called Top Mommy Blogs.

Top Mommy Blogs is a place to list your blog for FREE.  Your blog is then reviewed and listed in your chosen category.  Once listed, you start moving up the ranks depending on your site traffic and votes from readers.  The fact that it’s free had me from the beginning…I LOVE free stuff!  All I had to do was sign up and put their button on this blog and Pocket Full of Posies was listed and ready to be viewed by anyone looking through Top Mommy Blogs.  So far we are #57!  If you like us, vote for us by clicking on the “vote here” button on our sidebar or here.  And, check out this site…it rocks!  There’s tons of great mommy blogs just waiting for you to look at! 

So, I mentioned I LOVE free stuff…well, Cammie and I are both obsessed with finding free stuff online, hence the blog hopping!  If it’s free, we’ll find it.  So, we decided why not add some free stuff to our blog?!  Duh!!  Ok, here’s the best part…every Friday is going to be Freebie Friday and we’re going to share our favorite free stuff with all of you!  Some of it may be stuff we make up and just want to share, and some if it may be stuff we’ve found and know you can’t live without!  I know, I can’t wait til Friday either!  See ya then!


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