Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another way to use our Weekly Pockets

26When Emily and I first came up with our Pocket system we loved the idea of having a Monthly Pocket so we could plan for  a whole month. 

When we shared our Monthly Pocket System several of our friends, who loved the idea, were a bit overwhelmed by the idea of planning one month ahead.  That is when Emily and I decided to create a Weekly Pocket.  So if you like to plan week to week our Weekly Pocket Packages are perfect for you. 

BUT there are MORE ways you could use our Weekly Pocket!  You can use the Weekly Pockets to plan for lunches and desserts!  This idea came from our sister Rebecca who purchased a couple Weekly Pockets along side her Monthly Pocket.  I love this idea because I am a dessert lover!  Are you a dessert lover too?  Or do you like to plan for lunches?  Then check out our Weekly Pockets HERE!

Thanks,  Cammie

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