Monday, October 19, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

This last Saturday My family, Emily’s family, and our good friends the Jensen’s spent some time at Aholt’s Pumpkin Patch.  This was our second year going.  Last year we went on a VERY hot day and this year it was pretty darn cold!  We weren’t prepared for such a chili day, but the cold was not about to stop us from having a fun day!  We played on a giant slide, played in the corn filled sandboxes, got faces painted, the boys shot corn out of a corn gun, the kids and I road in a train, went through a maze, road some little cars in car town, went through a haunted house and drank some hot chocolate to warm us up.IMG_3663

 The HUGE slide was our first stop, my kids remembered it from last year and ran right for it!  IMG_3670The kids were not the only ones who LOVED the slide…even the daddy’s thought it was pretty cool.   IMG_3674 Casey even went down standing up, like he was riding on a snowboard!  His crash landing was hilarious!IMG_3672 Briggs trying out the slide on his belly IMG_3686 Shoveling and playing in the corn boxIMG_3696Steve ran right up to this and wanted his picture, I love how his little head barley pokes out! IMG_3700This is one of my favorite pictures!  Briggs was being silly and wanted to be the girl and he got Uncle Jesse to be the guy.  I love that Jesse is wearing sunglasses!  IMG_3693 Emily and JerIMG_3706Jer is getting Frankenstein painted on his faceIMG_3720 Briggs turn with the corn gun!  This thing is another hit with boys of all ages!IMG_3722 Stevie loved little car town he tried out the tractor and many different cars.IMG_3752 Here is the train we rode.  Madeleine was a little scared so I volunteered to go with her.  (Secretly I just wanted to ride)IMG_3761   Here are my kids just outside of the maze.  At the entrance of the maze was a shelf filled with little flashlights for the kids to take.  The kids grabbed one and off they went.  Since we sent them in alone, Emily, Molly and I patiently waited for the kids to come out.  It took them forever to get all the way through it and we were worried they were scared, but to our surprise they came out with big smiles on their faces.  Then they all ran back to do it again and again.  Ali said the maze was her favorite part of the day!


Our wonderful group sharing another one of my favorite traditions!  Now with all this talk about pumpkins, and it being the month of October, don’t you think Emily needs to post a yummy pumpkin recipe tomorrow?  I certainly do, I even have one in mind!!!


  1. FUN!
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  2. This looks like great fun! I love the corn sand box! Thanks for visiting Everyday Mom Ideas. And I would love to exchange link buttons with you. What a great idea. We SITStas need to support each other.