Friday, February 26, 2010

FREEBIE FRIDAY – March Calendar

We’re a little late getting this posted, but here’s our freebie for today…a very basic March Calendar.  Just download and print!  I put mine on my fridge (yup, one more thing!) so we all know what’s going on.  Enjoy!

march calendar2

Download HERE

Thursday, February 25, 2010

TEACH ME THURSDAY – Screen Printing with Mod Podge?

I don’t know if you remember our Valentine’s adventure (come on, not that long ago), but Cammie and I made the t-shirts.  Originally, Cammie’s brother (who does t-shirts) was going to make them for us.  But, due to some complications, he ended up not being able to do it.  The t-shirts were a must, but had to be cheap, so I found this AWESOME tutorial.  And it turned out SO CUTE!

We screen printed t-shirts with mod podge!  I know, I thought it sounded too weird too, but the tutorial I found made it sound so easy.  And it was!  And, did I mention that they were SO CUTE?!  I found the tutorial on Mod Podge Rocks (totally great blog) and went from there.  The directions are great and very easy to follow.  Here’s how our shirts turned out:


Supplies needed:
Embroidery hoop (wood or plastic)
Sheer fabric (we used a sheer curtain panel)
Screen printing ink (found at a craft store; Speedball brand, or YuDu brand)
Mod Podge
Flat paint brush
something to screen print on (t-shirt, bag, etc.)

See, not too much needed!  To get great step by step instructions, with pictures, visit Mod Podge Rocks.  (I could explain how to do it, but I didn’t take any pictures of the steps, and pictures make the difference!)

DSC03833 copy

They really do love us!



Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I am cheap.  I don’t like to spend bundles of money on anything.  I LOVE Pottery Barn.  Loving Pottery Barn, and being cheap just don’t mix, and it makes me sad.  But, I am sad no more because I have fallen in love with a blog that is pretty much written for me! 

Once upon a time, Cammie told me about this great new blog she found called Knock Off Wood.  I then drooled over it’s awesomeness for more than an hour and decided that one day I would build everything Ana (author of said awesome blog) has built and shows on her blog.  Seriously, this girl rocks!  SHE not only builds these amazing pieces of furniture, but she gives YOU and ME the plans for FREE!  Seriously!  And, as if that isn’t awesome enough, she tells you exactly how much it will cost, and it’s always cheap!  SERIOUSLY!  Can you tell I am super pumped about this site?!

Well, Cammie and I have tried our hand at building, and I think that, between the two of us, we could totally rock some of these projects. 

AUT_0148 Picture_191

My husband is currently, and very slowly, finishing our basement.  One of the rooms in the basement will be a playroom (which I cannot wait to have!).  This playroom will NEED these:


Definitely this:

kid table

Or maybe this:

kid table2 

So from these pictures, that I just dream about, Ana makes a “knock off” and affordable version, and then shares the plans so that we can all do it too!  I mean the list of things she has built, and the plans she has available to us, is endless!  Bring on the power tools baby…I am so ready to build something!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010


A long time ago, in my early blog-hopping days, I came across the cutest site-Gourmet Mom on the Go.  Seriously, Mandy does the cutest stuff!  For Tasty Tuesday today I wanted to share my excitement in one of the MANY cute things she's done: Mini Cookie Cups.


First of all, I LOVE chocolate chip cookies!  They are my #1 go-to treat when I’m having a sweet tooth attack.  So, when I saw this super cute way to tweak my favorite treat, I was sold!  You can put just about anything in these cute little cups, and I would imagine you could make bigger ones too.  All you need is your favorite cookie recipe, and a mini muffin pan (or regular for bigger cups!).  Check out Gourmet Mom to see the full scoop on how to make these ingenious cookie cups!  And have a tasty treat today!


Monday, February 22, 2010

MANIC MONDAY – 2 Fish Kids = 2 Cool

Welcome to our first “Manic Monday!”  Seriously, I am super excited about this week’s organizational find!  I present to you, the  My Week Magnetic Wipe Off Calendar, brought to you by 2 Fish Kids.  I am telling you, this is the cutest way to teach your kids how to organize and let them be a part of planning your day. 


To quote the 2 Fish Kids website:
MY WEEK is perfect for showing little ones how our days are organized. It is colorful, playful and personalized to your child's life. Introduce the days of the week, seasons, weather, routines and special events! Help your child anticipate and recall their daily and weekly activities!


You know we love things that go on the fridge (like our pockets, for one!), and this is the perfect addition!  So, if you have little kiddos that always want to know what’s going on, this could be a great resource!  And so fun! 

Just an organizational thought on this Manic Monday!


Friday, February 19, 2010

Freebie Friday

Every other weekend or so my husband and I like to go out on a date.  Sometimes Emily and I do babysitting swaps, but sometimes I need a babysitter.  I don’t have a usual babysitter, I just try calling my kids favorites and hope one is available.  Well this last weekend for our Valentine’s Party I needed a babysitter.  I ended up getting a babysitter I had never used before, and he ended up being our best babysitter yet!  Since he was new I wanted to give him a babysitter information guide for the night.  I searched for this babysitter guide notepad I used to have but it was gone (either lost or used up).  I quickly came up with a guide on a plain piece of paper and made it work.  It got me thinking I should make my own babysitter guide and print several out for our date nights, so I did!!  And of course I’m sharing it with you! 

Babysitter Info Sheet 1 on a page

There are two printing options:

for one on a page click HERE for two on a page click HERE.  Just print and fill it out!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The New Face of Pocket Full of Posies

OK, so in case any one has noticed, we’ve been SUPER slacking in the update department!  We haven’t posted a new post in way too long.  But, we’re back on the horse again with some fresh ideas.  Hopefully this time we’ll keep up better!

Announcing the new face of Pocket Full of Posies!  Each week you can look forward to the following:

Monday: “Manic Monday”
Feeling crazy?  We’ll give you some great organizing tips from all over the web and from our own crazy experiences!

Tuesday: “Tasty Tuesday”
Yummy yummy time!  Get ready for a tasty recipe or idea every Tuesday!

Wednesday: “What’s Up Wednesday”
Anything that we can think of will come at ya on Wednesday!

Thursday: “Teach Me Thursday”
We’ll surf the web and blogosphere for the best tutorials out there.

Friday: “Freebie Friday”
We’re back at it, free stuff for you every Friday!

We are too excited to finally have a plan!  And we’re kicking it off with a great freebie tomorrow!  See ya then!

-Cammie & Emily

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Flirty Aprons Review


We were recently contacted by this adorable apron site that wanted us to review their product.  We were so excited and jumped all over the opportunity!  Flirty Aprons has some of the cutest aprons we’ve ever seen!

We received our “Scarlet Blossom” apron in the cutest packaging and super fast!  Cammie tested the apron while making 50 homemade tortillas for our Valentine’s Party.  Several of our friends wanted to know where we got such a cute apron and wanted one for themselves.  Every Flirty Apron is well made and there are so many cute designs to choose from.  If you are in the market for the perfect apron, Flirty Aprons is the place to shop!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine’s Day

What can I say, we had an awesome night! We celebrated the day of love on Saturday with 7 couples! Us girls had it all planned, and the guys knew nothing, except that we were going to eat dinner, eventually. Cammie found the idea for the night here, and we just had to go with it!

We all started together at our friends Matt and Angeline’s house. We then sent the boys to our Bishops house where they received their first clue of the night and a list of rules. The rules were: they had to wear the bright red “I Love My Wife” t-shirt the rest of the night, they had to trade their wallets for a baggie of $2 in change, with only $2 in change they had to get their wife flowers and a gift before they came back from their scavenger hunt, and they had to video tape the entire thing!

The first clue led them to the YMCA, where they each had to do a rep on any machine. Remember, everything was being video taped and we watched it all together later…let’s just say it was HILARIOUS! Before they actually got to the Y they were trying to figure out how to get us flowers and a gift with only $2 each. The conversation was too funny! At one point they were going to “borrow” some flowers from a cemetery! Luckily, they came up with a better plan and got these pre-potted seeds that cost 76 cents! Very creative.

Anyway, from the Y they had to go to Matt and Nate’s parents house where they were instructed to make us Valentine’s cards. They had a bunch of very random and very un-manly stuff to work with, including hot glue guns! The cards were darling. But, little did they know, their adventure was not over!

They then had to go to the grocery store to buy whip cream. Then to the church where we had filled 100 balloons with “love coupons”, candy, and the next clue. They had to pop them all and clean up the mess before heading out!

From the church they were sent to our house, where the babysitter gave them Jesse’s guitar and they had to make up and sing a love song to us on camera. The song was probably the funniest thing of the night and had us all rolling with laughter when we watched it later!

The love hunt finally ended at the “Welcome to Our City” sign with a box of love letters from each wife. We are so sweet!

The guys finally made it back for dinner after almost 3 hours of hunting! We really thought it would only take them a little over an hour! But we ate a very yummy dinner that us girls made while the guys were out on their adventure and laughed at all the funny stories the guys had. The meal was a HUGE hit, it was our Cafe Rio chicken from our Recipe Pack 1 (just to plug our system!!). Then we watched a slideshow I had put together of each of the couples dating and getting married, all set to so sappy love songs! Then we watched the guys adventure and laughed till it hurt! We ate yummy dessert and plated The Newlywed Game to finish out the night. Whew! We had so much fun! I love my hubby! Happy Heart Day!

DSC03825 The gorgeous women: Angeline, Molly, Karyn, Cammie, Me, Jasmine and Heidi
(we are wearing pink t-shirts that say “I Love My Husband”!)

DSC03833 copy Our studly men: Chip, Robby, Matt, Jesse, Nate, Ben and Kasey

DSC03837 copy Emily and her hubby, Jesse.

Cammie and her hubby, Ben.