Monday, October 26, 2009

Busy Holidays

fallI believe fall is one of the best times of the year because there is so much to do and all the fun holidays to celebrate.  This also means every year October rolls around I get SO busy and I’m busy all the way through Christmas!  This week is no exception, I am going to be busy, very busy.  Especially my evenings!  Every evening is filled with something; family night, a birthday party, a church activity, picking my parents up from the airport, my sons baptism, a Halloween party and of course trick-or-treating.  Times like this are when I am extremely grateful for the Pocket System.  I have picked some of the easiest meals for the week, got my list ready and tomorrow I am going shopping.  Each day when it comes to making dinner I won’t be scrambling to throw a meal together.  What I will do is simply pick one of the recipes in my pocket and make my family dinner.  I love when meal planning is this worry free!  If you are as busy as me I know you’ll benefit so much from our Pocket System.  Don’t wait until you get even busier, start today by ordering HERE!

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  1. I just ordered mine, can't wait to get it in the mail!! With a new baby on the way, I am in desperate need of an easy meal planing system.