Sunday, November 28, 2010

Welcome Boutique Shoppers!

Welcome, welcome boutique shoppers!  We are so excited to be a part of TWO online boutiques going on RIGHT NOW!  If you’ve found us through either Some What Simple’s Studio Boutique or Ucreate’s Holiday Boutique, we want to welcome you and give you a quick overview of how to navigate around our site!

First of all, we sell a unique pocket meal planning system that is designed to save time, money and keep your family consistently fed.  Our system is perfect for just about anyone who spends time in the kitchen!  The best part is that we’ve done all the work for you which saves you time AND money!

sidebar pocket pic2

Here’s some quick links to help you learn more about us and our product!  And don’t forget to check out our store to see all the SUPER CUTE pocket designs available and all the great recipes too!

Who we are (The Pocket Sisters)

What we sell (Our Product)

How you can do it (Video Tutorial)

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy holidays!  And happy shopping!

-Cammie & Emily

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

WHAT’S UP WEDNESDAY – Turkey Countdown

Ok, so in a little more than 24 hours, our house will be filled with 14 adults and 14 kids!  We’ll have 3 turkeys, pounds and pounds of mashed potatoes, pots and pots of stuffing, something like a dozen pies, rivers of gravy…you get the picture!  And I can’t wait!  It’s going to be GREAT!  Luckily, with this many people, the cooking is divided up!  So, I really don’t have THAT much to do!!

Meanwhile, Thanksgiving has snuck up so fast this year, I haven’t had a chance to do anything crafty for the holiday.  But, my son came home from preschool yesterday with cutest idea.  They had made Indian hats out of cardboard strips and feathers and a vest out of a brown paper bag.  


Easy and cute.  You can’t really tell, but he did color his vest!

Gobble gobble!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

TASTY TUESDAY – The Best Part About Thanksgiving

PIE!  Pie is totally the best part about the Thanksgiving feast!  There’s so many different kinds, so many to choose from!  Since it’s the week of Thanksgiving, and this being “Tasty Tuesday” and all, we need pie!  But, as I was thinking about my favorite pies, I realized we posted all about it last year at this time!  So, here’s a recycled post, because this pie really is THAT GOOD!  Check out the BEST APPLE PIE recipe, Sour Cream Apple pie.  And you can use THIS PIE CRUST recipe too!  Happy Pie Day!


Monday, November 22, 2010

MANIC MONDAY – Thanksgiving Week

Seriously…it’s Thanksgiving week?!!  How did that happen??  Well, I don’t know about you, but I love everything about Thanksgiving!  I especially LOVE Black Friday!  Seriously!  Cammie and I have braved the crowds that past few years and come out with some GREAT deals!  I can’t wait for this year! 

Ok, though, Black Friday isn’t for everyone.  My mom wouldn’t even dream of leaving the house on Black Friday!  So, for those of you who want to avoid the crowds and crazy people (like us!), be sure to check back for the links to some GREAT online boutiques where you can find all the perfect gifts with great discounts!  We’re part of Somewhat Simple’s Studio Boutique AND Ucreate’s Holiday Boutique starting this weekend!  Can’t wait! 



Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What’s Up Wednesday – Our Thanksgiving Menu

So this is my Tasty Tuesday combined with What’s Up Wednesday!  Yesterday Emily and I got together with our sisters Liz and Becky and our mother-in-law to plan our Thanksgiving menu.  Here is our menu:

Regular Turkey

Barbecue Turkey (this is Becky’s family recipe…I’m excited to try it!)

Garlic Potatoes

Carameled Sweet Potatoes


Cranberry Sauce

Deviled Eggs (my in-laws are amazing!)

Cranberry Jello Salad

Veggie Tray with Dip

Fruit Salad

Green Bean Salad


and the PIES:


Sour Cream Apple



Pumpkin Cake

(we will use our Never Fail Pie Crust recipe too!)

It’s going to be such a great Thanksgiving especially because we get to spend it with Becky and Liz’s families and also my parents are going to join us! 

- Cammie

Monday, November 15, 2010

Manic Monday – Working away!

Today is truly a manic Monday!  Emily and I are working hard to get some new pocket designs and new recipe packs in our store!  We are shopping, cutting, laminating and typing away!  Why you ask?  Because it is that time of year again…Christmas!  We believe our Pocket System is the perfect gift for your loved ones!  Your mom, sister, girlfriends, mother-in-law, aunts, cousins, boss, daughters and just about anyone would love to pay less for groceries and relieve stress from meal planning!  Check back in the next couple of weeks for all our new stuff!!!

- Cammie

Thursday, November 11, 2010


We had a baby shower this weekend for a friend of ours.  It’s her first, so Cammie and I wanted to make her something cute.  (We can’t just be normal and buy something!)  I always LOVE making (and giving) applique onsies, but they needed a little something.  So, I came across this tutorial from Stardust Shoes for the CUTEST baby booties and we just had to give them a try.  Well, let me just say, once we started, we couldn’t stop.  We made 3 different matching onesies and booties for our friend, then 2 more for another expectant mamma, and 3 for my sister!!  Can you say obsessed!  Seriously though, they are SUPER easy and the result is SO CUTE!  You must give them a try, just take a look:

IMG_0876 For the dog-lover…
IMG_0880 Die hard Cardinal’s fan…
IMG_0882 and Christmas baby!
IMG_0866 IMG_0852 IMG_0862 (I don’t have pictures of the rest yet, sorry!)

You know you are about to download the pattern and get to work!  Here’s our suggestion with the pattern…make it a bit smaller.  All of the booties we made we made just a little bit smaller than the pattern.  Also, we used felt for the sole and covered it with cute fabric.  Other than that, the tutorial is great!  Get to work!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WHAT’S UP WEDNESDAY – Daylight Savings

Usually, “falling back” an hour is the good daylight savings!  Well, I tell you what…it is taking FOREVER to get used to it!  It is bright as day way too early and way too dark way too early!  The day seems to last forever!  My kids are waking up too early and I want to put them to bed at 6:00!  I do not remember it being this annoying last year! 

On a happier note, my sister is visiting with her little boy for the week and we are crafting it up!  We have all kinds of fun projects going on!  This is also why my posts are pretty short this week!  Sorry!  Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, November 9, 2010


imageFor those of you that have been around with us from the beginning, you may remember that November is “Pie Month” in my family!  My mom decided, a long time ago, that there are just too many yummy pies to make them all only for Thanksgiving.  So, she bakes new pies practically every other day through the month of November!  I love this tradition!  I mean who doesn’t love pie?  And all month long?!  I of course carry this tradition on in my own family :)  The best part of the tradition, though, is eating pie first on Thanksgiving day.  None of this stuffing your face with turkey and mashed potatoes only to find yourself leaving no room for pie!  Instead, start with the good stuff!  So, we eat pie all day (replacing breakfast and lunch!) and still have room for our turkey!  Of course, we still eat pie after Thanksgiving dinner too!  You can never have too much pie!


Monday, November 8, 2010

MANIC MONDAY – Ninja Turtle Comeback!

I know, Halloween is long gone and we’re well into November (if you can believe it!), but I had to share (like I promised) our Ninja Turtle costumes!  I LOVE how they turned out!


We are way cuter than the real ninja turtles!  It was a great Halloween! 


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Teach Me Thursday – Bathroom shelf

shelf4-1 Several weeks ago my son went to hang up his bathroom towel on the towel bar when the whole thing came crashing down.  We have been having lots of problems with the way things were installed in our house, ugh!!  I wish people would do things right the first time!  Well I decided the towel bar is sort of tricky for my kids, and I’ve been finding their towels lying on the ground more than hanging up.   I’m going to make a towel shelf that has hooks to solve my problem.   I just came across a great tutorial on one at The Idea Room!  How cute is this? 

- Cammie

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What’s Up Wednesday – What to do with Halloween Candy!

P1030091 The past few years I have tried several things to get rid of all my kids candy.  Sometimes I let them pick their favorites and giveaway the rest, one year I let them eat it all as soon as possible (that was a little crazy, but I was tired of them asking every 5 minutes if they could have another piece!) This year my kids got WAY too much candy, so Emily found this idea where the kids put give up all their candy and the Great Pumpkin trades it for a toy.  You can read all about this idea at Roots And Wings Co.  I think this is a pretty great idea!  What do you do with all your Halloween candy?

- Cammie

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tasty Tuesday – Pumpkin Cheesecake

FW1108FLB01 Can you believe it is NOVEMBER???  October flew by so quickly!  I am still on a pumpkin dessert kick, so here is a Pumpkin Cheesecake recipe from!  Enjoy!

- Cammie

Monday, November 1, 2010

Manic Monday – Halloween

Halloween weekend was so much fun but very exhausting!!!  We had a ward party including a trunk or treat, then the whole broadbent clan came over to our house to hang out and have a pizza dinner, then we went to Emily’s and had a cousin Halloween party and did some trick-or-treating!  SO today both Emily and I will be cleaning up from all that fun!

Now you know you all want to see how cute my kids were all dressed up as pirates…IMG_7931


I think Cade is the cutest baby pirate ever! (I think his Nana would agree!)