Thursday, November 11, 2010


We had a baby shower this weekend for a friend of ours.  It’s her first, so Cammie and I wanted to make her something cute.  (We can’t just be normal and buy something!)  I always LOVE making (and giving) applique onsies, but they needed a little something.  So, I came across this tutorial from Stardust Shoes for the CUTEST baby booties and we just had to give them a try.  Well, let me just say, once we started, we couldn’t stop.  We made 3 different matching onesies and booties for our friend, then 2 more for another expectant mamma, and 3 for my sister!!  Can you say obsessed!  Seriously though, they are SUPER easy and the result is SO CUTE!  You must give them a try, just take a look:

IMG_0876 For the dog-lover…
IMG_0880 Die hard Cardinal’s fan…
IMG_0882 and Christmas baby!
IMG_0866 IMG_0852 IMG_0862 (I don’t have pictures of the rest yet, sorry!)

You know you are about to download the pattern and get to work!  Here’s our suggestion with the pattern…make it a bit smaller.  All of the booties we made we made just a little bit smaller than the pattern.  Also, we used felt for the sole and covered it with cute fabric.  Other than that, the tutorial is great!  Get to work!


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  1. So cute! I would love to make some! Only problem is when I printed the pattern off I realized it was to small for my 6 months old feet!! I need one for 9-12 months :(