Tuesday, November 9, 2010


imageFor those of you that have been around with us from the beginning, you may remember that November is “Pie Month” in my family!  My mom decided, a long time ago, that there are just too many yummy pies to make them all only for Thanksgiving.  So, she bakes new pies practically every other day through the month of November!  I love this tradition!  I mean who doesn’t love pie?  And all month long?!  I of course carry this tradition on in my own family :)  The best part of the tradition, though, is eating pie first on Thanksgiving day.  None of this stuffing your face with turkey and mashed potatoes only to find yourself leaving no room for pie!  Instead, start with the good stuff!  So, we eat pie all day (replacing breakfast and lunch!) and still have room for our turkey!  Of course, we still eat pie after Thanksgiving dinner too!  You can never have too much pie!


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