Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine’s Day

What can I say, we had an awesome night! We celebrated the day of love on Saturday with 7 couples! Us girls had it all planned, and the guys knew nothing, except that we were going to eat dinner, eventually. Cammie found the idea for the night here, and we just had to go with it!

We all started together at our friends Matt and Angeline’s house. We then sent the boys to our Bishops house where they received their first clue of the night and a list of rules. The rules were: they had to wear the bright red “I Love My Wife” t-shirt the rest of the night, they had to trade their wallets for a baggie of $2 in change, with only $2 in change they had to get their wife flowers and a gift before they came back from their scavenger hunt, and they had to video tape the entire thing!

The first clue led them to the YMCA, where they each had to do a rep on any machine. Remember, everything was being video taped and we watched it all together later…let’s just say it was HILARIOUS! Before they actually got to the Y they were trying to figure out how to get us flowers and a gift with only $2 each. The conversation was too funny! At one point they were going to “borrow” some flowers from a cemetery! Luckily, they came up with a better plan and got these pre-potted seeds that cost 76 cents! Very creative.

Anyway, from the Y they had to go to Matt and Nate’s parents house where they were instructed to make us Valentine’s cards. They had a bunch of very random and very un-manly stuff to work with, including hot glue guns! The cards were darling. But, little did they know, their adventure was not over!

They then had to go to the grocery store to buy whip cream. Then to the church where we had filled 100 balloons with “love coupons”, candy, and the next clue. They had to pop them all and clean up the mess before heading out!

From the church they were sent to our house, where the babysitter gave them Jesse’s guitar and they had to make up and sing a love song to us on camera. The song was probably the funniest thing of the night and had us all rolling with laughter when we watched it later!

The love hunt finally ended at the “Welcome to Our City” sign with a box of love letters from each wife. We are so sweet!

The guys finally made it back for dinner after almost 3 hours of hunting! We really thought it would only take them a little over an hour! But we ate a very yummy dinner that us girls made while the guys were out on their adventure and laughed at all the funny stories the guys had. The meal was a HUGE hit, it was our Cafe Rio chicken from our Recipe Pack 1 (just to plug our system!!). Then we watched a slideshow I had put together of each of the couples dating and getting married, all set to so sappy love songs! Then we watched the guys adventure and laughed till it hurt! We ate yummy dessert and plated The Newlywed Game to finish out the night. Whew! We had so much fun! I love my hubby! Happy Heart Day!

DSC03825 The gorgeous women: Angeline, Molly, Karyn, Cammie, Me, Jasmine and Heidi
(we are wearing pink t-shirts that say “I Love My Husband”!)

DSC03833 copy Our studly men: Chip, Robby, Matt, Jesse, Nate, Ben and Kasey

DSC03837 copy Emily and her hubby, Jesse.

Cammie and her hubby, Ben.

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  1. That sounds like fun...What good sports they were. :)