Thursday, February 25, 2010

TEACH ME THURSDAY – Screen Printing with Mod Podge?

I don’t know if you remember our Valentine’s adventure (come on, not that long ago), but Cammie and I made the t-shirts.  Originally, Cammie’s brother (who does t-shirts) was going to make them for us.  But, due to some complications, he ended up not being able to do it.  The t-shirts were a must, but had to be cheap, so I found this AWESOME tutorial.  And it turned out SO CUTE!

We screen printed t-shirts with mod podge!  I know, I thought it sounded too weird too, but the tutorial I found made it sound so easy.  And it was!  And, did I mention that they were SO CUTE?!  I found the tutorial on Mod Podge Rocks (totally great blog) and went from there.  The directions are great and very easy to follow.  Here’s how our shirts turned out:


Supplies needed:
Embroidery hoop (wood or plastic)
Sheer fabric (we used a sheer curtain panel)
Screen printing ink (found at a craft store; Speedball brand, or YuDu brand)
Mod Podge
Flat paint brush
something to screen print on (t-shirt, bag, etc.)

See, not too much needed!  To get great step by step instructions, with pictures, visit Mod Podge Rocks.  (I could explain how to do it, but I didn’t take any pictures of the steps, and pictures make the difference!)

DSC03833 copy

They really do love us!



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  1. You know? I have been wanting to experince Mod Podge...apparently you can do anything with it! Now shirts? Awesome! Thanks for the tut.