Thursday, February 18, 2010

The New Face of Pocket Full of Posies

OK, so in case any one has noticed, we’ve been SUPER slacking in the update department!  We haven’t posted a new post in way too long.  But, we’re back on the horse again with some fresh ideas.  Hopefully this time we’ll keep up better!

Announcing the new face of Pocket Full of Posies!  Each week you can look forward to the following:

Monday: “Manic Monday”
Feeling crazy?  We’ll give you some great organizing tips from all over the web and from our own crazy experiences!

Tuesday: “Tasty Tuesday”
Yummy yummy time!  Get ready for a tasty recipe or idea every Tuesday!

Wednesday: “What’s Up Wednesday”
Anything that we can think of will come at ya on Wednesday!

Thursday: “Teach Me Thursday”
We’ll surf the web and blogosphere for the best tutorials out there.

Friday: “Freebie Friday”
We’re back at it, free stuff for you every Friday!

We are too excited to finally have a plan!  And we’re kicking it off with a great freebie tomorrow!  See ya then!

-Cammie & Emily

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  1. Sounds awesome! Can't wait to see what you "cook" up...~wink~

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