Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Keeping Those New Year’s Goals

I don’t know if any of you are like me, but I get super pumped about New Year’s resolutions and setting goals in January.  But, by about February (now!) I already feel like I need a new year to start over again!  (it’s really quite sad, I know!)  I totally rock at making and setting goals, but totally suck at the follow through.  That’s one of my goals…be better at keeping my goals!

Anyway, I’m a very visual person.  I need the constant reminder, in my face (I’ve been known to tape things to my bathroom mirror!).  So, here’s an idea that Cammie and I have used for several different things over the years that is super cute and fun to make! 


It’s called a Vision Board.  The idea is not a new one…and the possibilities are endless!  Cammie and I are digital scrappers so we do pretty much everything on the computer, but this is totally doable with good old fashioned paper and glue!  The point is to make it about YOUR goals and dreams, however will make YOU remember them and be motivated to accomplish them.


When we were serving in the Young Women’s group in our church, we made one of these for each of our Young Women based off of a questionnaire we had them answer.  They turned out SO cute and the girls LOVED them!  The one pictured above I made for my little sister a few years ago for Christmas.  I must admit, however, that I have yet to actually make one for me!  New goal: make my vision board!  Now I have to keep my first goal and follow through!


Once you’ve created your Vision Board, the next step is displaying it somewhere!  It’s got to be in a place that you will see A LOT!  For our Young Women, we had these printed (8x10 photo) and then framed them and hung them with a ribbon.  I did the same for my sister’s only 11x14.  Once it’s displayed, follow through!  (that one’s more for me!!) 

Here’s some ideas of things to display on your Vision Board (just in case you need help like I do!):

Immediate goals
Future goals
Future dreams and hopes
Spiritual goals (immediate and/or future)
Temporal goals (immediate and/or future)
Favorite motivational quote
Favorite scripture/hymn/etc.
Pictures of things you want or want to happen
Pictures of things that make you happy
Pictures of a place or places you want to go

Like I said, the possibilities are ENDLESS!  It’s all about YOU!  So, that’s my little pep talk on keeping those goals!  Good luck!  I know I need it!!

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