Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Super Behavior Chart

Anyone who says that the terrible twos are the hardest is dead wrong!  I would argue that 3 is the magic age of fun!  And by fun I mean tantrums and whining and hitting and teasing little brothers and all kinds of other “fun” stuff!  Yes, I have a 3 year old, and we have all kinds of “fun” around here!  So, I decided I needed to take back control!  I am the mom after all!  I knew this was the age that you can start introducing charts and rewards and stuff, so I set out on the web to find the chart that would work for us…and nothin!  After a good hour or so of searching the outer regions of cyber space, I decided I could have made up my own in that amount of time!  So I did!  And I thought I would share!

steve is super2

So, this one is easy and perfect for my crazy 3 year old!  All he has to do is earn 9 superhero magnets and fill up the boxes.  Once it’s full, he gets a prize!  But it works the other way too, if he isn’t being super I get to take the magnets away.   

steve is super

So I printed the chart out as an 8x10 picture (from Wal-Mart) and stuck it to a yellow piece of cardstock and then slid it in a page protector.  I added magnets to the back so it could stick to my fridge.  For the magnets, I used these guys…

superhero magnets

…and printed them as a 4x6 picture (from Wal-Mart).  Then I used some large glass beads/rocks from the dollar store and cut out each little superhero and modge podged them to the back of the glass bead.  Add a magnet to the back and voila!  Easy peasy, make-my-life-easier behavior chart!

Cammie wants to make a princess one for her little princess…I bet she’ll share too! (No pressure Cams!)

Meanwhile though, I may have a template to share…ok, I do!  If you want to do a superhero behavior chart, download the PSD (photoshop) file HERE.  You’ll want to add your own little kiddo’s face and name, and maybe even change the rules a little.  It’s up to you!  Then go HERE to download the superheroes and make some magnets!  Remember, the chart prints as 8x10 and the superheroes for the magnets as 4x6.  Good luck with those crazy kiddos!  So far, this is working great!  I hope it does for you too!


  1. cute idea... I'm going to use it for my daycare kids. sharing toys, eating food, etc... then maybe earn a pizza party every other Friday or something. Thanks for the share

  2. I just blogged today about cooking with my three year old and my eleven year old. You are right three can be tough... but eleven isn't a piece of cake either!

    Your chart looks so professional! I didn't think it was handmade until I read about it! Super fun!

    I've always held to the belief that three is tougher than two.

  3. Hey girls, I love the idea. Do you mind if I post a picture of it on my blog and link back to your site?

  4. I found this on pinterest and LOVE it. But the link to download is no longer valid. Is there anyway you can make it available again?