Friday, February 11, 2011

Gift of Love-Part 2

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching…can you believe it?!  If you’re anything like me, things tend to come together last minute.  So, for those of you who let holidays sneak up on ya and still don’t have the perfect gift for that special someone, here’s another idea for ya!  Best part, it’s easy to throw together last minute! 

This was another Christmas gift Cammie and I both did for our hubbies, but it can easily be used for Valentine’s Day or a birthday!  It’s a year (or however many you want) of pre-planned date nights all put together in a cute little envelope book!  Seriously…so cute!  Here’s what mine looked like…IMG_3263


I’m serious…this is so easy to put together!  All you need are some envelopes and some date ideas! 

On the outside of each envelope I attached one of these, Date 1-12:

On the inside of the cover I attached this:

Then I put one of these inside each envelope with anything else that went along with the date (like gift card, tickets, etc.): 

you plan dave and busters dinner and a movie date choice dinner and a movie your choice dinner at chilis dinner at outback mall muny  six flags st louis temple date Wicked date

I admit, I didn’t actually put all the tickets and money in every envelope, just in most of them!   Life on a budget, what can I say!  It still turned out great, and I’ll say we managed to do about half of the dates!  If I were to do it again, I might only plan 6 dates instead of 12 and really have them ready!  Either way, the hubby loved it, and we had fun doing them together!

So, last thing you do is put it all together!  Hole punch and ribbon!  Easy peasy!

Ok, so to make this even easier…how about some FREE downloads!  You’re welcome! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Date Night Cover
Blank Date Card (my dates probably won’t work for you!)
Envelope Covers (zipped folder, dates 1-12)

(FYI I used small envelopes, not the long ones!)

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  1. This is FANTASTIC! But I'm like you...on a budget so 6 dates would be just perfect! I am going to save this for my husband's birthday gift! Thanks for the idea and the printables. Awesome!