Friday, July 16, 2010

FREEBIE FRIDAY – Temple Silhouettes

A while ago, I got really into learning how to do silhouettes in Photoshop.  And, when I get “really into” something, I tend to go a little crazy.  I ended up making several different LDS Temple silhouettes and Cammie and I gave them as gifts one Christmas. 

My hubby and I were married in the San Diego, CA temple (I still have anniversary on my mind!) so I framed an 11x14 San Diego temple silhouette and have it in our home.  I love it.  So, I thought I’d share the different temples I have. 

(*If you want a tutorial on how to create your own temple silhouette, go HERE.) 

San Diego

San Diego, CA

St Louis Boise
St. Louis, MO                                                  Boise, ID

 Dallas Mesa
Dallas, TX                                                           Mesa, AZ
Nauvoo Oakland
Nauvoo, IL                                                        Oakland, CA

To use these images, click on an image to enlarge an right click, save as.  Have printed at a photo center or on card stock.



  1. Do you have the SLC temple, Ogden Temple or St. George Temple? Just curious. Thanks.

  2. so glad you posted parents anni is coming up and they were married in Oakland. so I think i'll print it out and frame it for that idea! {did you just print it onto cardstock? or scrap paper? I wanna see yours to help give me an idea!}

  3. I would love the SLC or Manti--- You girls are amazing!

  4. My wife and I were married in the SLC Temple 23 years ago this August 14. How do I do this, or where can I find one of the SLC Temple to download and frame as a surprise for our anniversary?

  5. Any chance you have one for the San Antonio, Texas temple? My daughter is getting married there in Dec.