Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I finally did it.  I finally bought the camera I’ve been eyeing for more than 6 months!  We all know I’ve needed a new camera for even longer than that…but I all of the sudden got expensive taste and just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  But I finally got it…the Nikon D3000…

…and then I took it back!  I had all these high hopes that this was going to be THE camera!  And it didn’t hurt that it came with a bunch of extra stuff.  But it was so not THE camera!  When you spend that kind of moola, it’s gotta be right.  So I took it back and got this baby:



The Canon EOS Rebel XS.  Ahhh, I am in love!  I seriously LOVE this camera!  Both cameras are SLR cameras, and very similar in many ways….but for some reason, the Canon is more me.  So…wanna see what I’ve done with it so far?  I admit that I thought I knew WAY more than I actually do, and, in fact, know practically nothing about photography, but I can’t wait to learn.  Meanwhile, here’s the first photo shoot I did…

brothersCammie and I decided (way too late in the day) to test the new camera.  My kids needed naps…don’t they look excited!  Right after this picture, Steve pushed Dan forward and he face planted on the concrete.  He was sad in most of the rest of the pictures!
Best buddies…and SO cute!
  Cousins!  We love taking cute cousin pictures!  Can you see how distressed Dan is!  Poor kid…he has the meanest mom!cousins on train2For some reason Dan was fine at a different spot!
cousins on train3
Dang these kids are CUTE!

That is what’s up on my Wednesday! 


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