Thursday, June 17, 2010

TEACH ME THURSDAY – Marshmallow Guns

I have always thought marshmallow guns were the coolest idea, but never had a reason to make them.  Until I was watching Cammie’s kids and needed something fun for everyone to do!  And, since we are now pros with PVC pipe, it was a piece-o-cake!  I found a great tutorial on Skip to My Lou’s 30 days of crafts.  It’s originally from Make It Do

Anyway, the tutorial is perfect, so check it out if you want to make some of these…

making guns Here are the kids putting the guns together.
finished guns And the finished product!  They were all super excited that they each got their OWN bag of marshmallows!
IMG_5107 Jer trying out his new gun…loved it!
IMG_5109 Steve tool a little while to figure it out…his marshmallows got a little wet and sticky!
IMG_5111 Ali loved it too!
IMG_5114 Briggs and Jer had competitions to see who could shoot the farthest…can you see the marshmallow in flight?  I’m pretty sure Briggs won this one!

We even made a target to practice aim…I just forgot to take a picture!  We had so much fun, and the grass was covered with marshmallows!  Luckily it rained that night and melted them all away!



  1. My brother made theese for my kids along time ago he painted them in there favorite colors. The kids have lost or broke them scince then, we have been talking latly about how much fun they were and have been wanting to make them again. This tutorial will be very helpful THANKS!!!!

  2. So fun! I love your blog! I am definitly going to use this idea for my upcoming father/daughter activity at church. I am just starting out as a Blogger, any tips on how you got your followers? I really want people to visit my blog but i am unsure how to get them there. Thanks for all your cute ideas!