Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The baby shower Cammie and I hosted Saturday was a fish theme.  We like to keep things simple (and cheap), so we did some very basic, but super cute decorations and food…

The diaper cake…who doesn’t love a cute diaper cake?! 

The cupcakes (from yesterday).

IMG_5847 The table with very simple snacks.  Goldfish (of course!), Sweedish Fish, carrots and dip, mint chocolate cake balls (SOOO GOOD!), and of course the yummy cupcakes.  It was a small shower, so we kept it simple!

IMG_5843 Here’s my favorite though, the banner we did.  I made the cute onesies (more on these coming tomorrow!) and we decided to hang them for decor!  So easy and so cute!

There ya have it, that’s what’s up this Wednesday!  A very simple, but very nice fish-themed baby shower!


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  1. I LOVE the banner! What a stinking cute idea! I also love the diaper cake idea! I have also done diaper cakes for my soon to be sister in law and my sister! Fun to do, but the little rubber bands I used for each diaper tore up my fingers! :)