Friday, March 18, 2011

Our St. Patrick’s Day Party

We kept it simple yesterday and had a fun little St. Patrick’s Day party for all the cousins (15 to be exact!).  The treasure hunt was a success, even though we all got tired of going upstairs and then downstairs and then up again!  But first…I must show you the ADORABLE shirts we made! 

We stole borrowed the idea from eighteen25, only changed the process a bit!

We used the freezer paper stencil technique, and the turned out great!  Here’s how we did it in case you’re unfamiliar with the coolest way to use freezer paper EVER!
We used our friend’s Cricut and cut out our image on freezer paper.  Then ironed it on (glossy side down) to the shirt.

Then painted with fabric paint and pulled off the stencil.  SO EASY!!

And SOOOOO cute!!

We did a few different patterns, all equally adorable!

Especially on our kiddos!

Everyone wore their cute shirt to the party, and the fun began…

After the treasure hunt, we ate treats and played.  It was a GORGEOUS day!  Yay for spring!!  and yay for parties!  Hope everyone was “pinch proof” yesterday!

All of these cute kids sure were!

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  1. OH MY how cute are they.
    I love the lil girl rubbing her eyes.