Wednesday, September 22, 2010

WHAT’S UP WEDNESDAY – Cammie’s Baby Shower

Remember how Cammie posted about a great baby shower?!  And how she mentioned I’d post lots of pictures and all the details…well this will have to be a two part post, because the memory card with all those pictures on it seems to be missing!  I do have a couple things to share though!

First of all, the theme was Super Baby, and it turned out SUPER cute!  Here were the invitations I made (LOVE photoshop!)


We decorated with red, yellow and blue.  And we made the cutest super baby out of balloons ever!  We used this as inspiration…
Girl and Boy Baby Centerpieces

Since Cammie is having a boy, we used blue balloons and added a superhero cape and mask.  Our super baby was even flying over a big mountain of jell-o kryptonite!  It was darling, and I can’t wait to share the pictures!

For the food, we were inspired by this Father’s Day idea over on 


Overall, the party was a success!  We had lots of fun and lots of good company!  Stay tuned for the pictures coming soon!


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