Monday, September 13, 2010

Manic Monday – Refer a friend and WIN Contest!

Refer a friend and WIN! Introducing our first ever competition.  It's like a give away in overdrive!

The Rules: The first reader to get the most friends/associates/random people to sign up for our monthly newsletter by September 19,  will win a complete Monthly Pocket Planning system of your choice!  Blog, tweet, facebook, whatever it takes. 

When you get a friend to sign up, make sure he/she names you in the "Who referred you" box!  It’s that simple!

Our newsletters are filled with information, coupon codes, discounts, tips and more.  In fact our subscribers knew about our Refer a Friend Contest earlier this month, so they had a jumpstart on winning the contest!  Being a subscriber has its advantages!  Good luck!

- Cammie

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