Thursday, August 12, 2010


I am ashamed to admit, that we got home from a week long stay in Seattle on Monday, and I have STILL not unpacked!  Why is this so hard for me???  For some reason life did not stop while we were gone and I had to jump head first back in as soon as we got home!  I did do my grocery shopping, and a little laundry, and I’ve helped Cammie pack a little bit.  Other than that, nothin!  I have got to get it together!

Anyway, because I’m so behind in life, I don’t have a very exciting tutorial today…in fact, I don’t have one at all!  So, I thought I’d just list a few (seriously, not even close to all!) of my favorite blogs for your reading and perusing pleasure!

Somewhat Simple
Knock-off Wood
Blue Cricket

Enjoy…I can get lost in these blogs for hours (seriously!).


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