Monday, August 23, 2010

MANIC MONDAY – Back, finally!

So, in case nobody noticed, we’ve been TOTALLY SLACKING the past couple of weeks!  And we truly apologize!  It kind of feels like life was on fast forward for a couple of weeks and that maybe we’ve slowed down to normal speed, at least for now!  So, in the spirit of Manic Monday, let me tell you why it’s been so crazy around here!

1. Cammie moved (YAY!!) And we all know moving is never a one day event! 
2. Cammie has been unpacking for a week, and I’ve been trying to help as much as I can!
3. Cammie has been without internet for a week, can you imagine?!
4. My house got turned upside down putting the finishing touches on our basement.  And, me and my indecisive self had to go and change all the rooms and what went in them!  My boys now share a room (that should be an entirely separate reason!), the office came back upstairs, all the toys moved downstairs (BEST THING I”VE EVER DONE!), and we added a bed to make a guest room!  I almost feel like we just moved!
5. We celebrated a cousin’s birthday and Cammie and I helped our sis-in-law make the cutest Pockemon cake ever!  That turned into an all day thing!
6. My almost 3 year old came down with a mysterious illness, with high fever and complaining of a headache (a toddler with a headache??), and then ending up covered in the weirdest looking rash.  We finally decided it must have been roseola, and he seems to be fine now (thank goodness!)
7. Said 2 year old got 2 other cousins sick…oops!  Hopefully it ends there!

Wheph!  I’m sure I missed quite a bit, but you get the picture!  Unfortunately, the chaos isn’t quite over for us!  Cammie is due in like 5 weeks (YIKES), we’re having company come this week (YAY!!), and in 2 weeks a large group of friends is starting a Joy School/Preschool together, twice a week!  BUSY!  but I love it!  And, we promise to not neglect our little blog for that long again! 

Happy Monday!  I’m off to organize all those toys!


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