Monday, June 14, 2010

MANIC MONDAY – My New Laundry Room

What a crazy weekend we had!  My house has still not recovered!  Let me tell you why…

A week or so ago, I found this:

laundryroom 041[7]

on a wonderful blog called Show & Tell.  I immediately saved it to my “project ideas” folder and waited to show the hubby.  This is exactly what I have always wanted/needed for our laundry room.  So, this weekend was the weekend and I now have one of these!  and I L-O-V-E it!  Wanna see?


My hubby and his brother (Cammie’s hubby) started this bad boy, and then I helped the hubby finish it and I painted it.  I couldn’t watch as he and 2 other guys moved it into the laundry room and moved the washer and dryer on top.  I really don’t like to watch heavy things being moved!  The only problem is that I am STILL trying to organize everything that was in there before.  Most of it has found a new home, but a lot of it is still waiting on my living room floor!  This is why my house is still recovering!  Why is it that when you re-do something or decided to do a major reorganize things get SO bad before they get even close to better?  Totally worth it though in the end!

IMG_5150  So my laundry room is in a very weird place (which is why I’ve wanted something to make it look more finished, like this).  It sits right off my kitchen and the pantry is in the same room.  It’s really a love hate relationship!  I love that I don’t have to go very far to do laundry (like up and down stairs or anything), but I hate that it’s right there!  Of course now I love everything about it!  And I love my husband for granting my every wish!  Happy Monday!


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