Wednesday, May 26, 2010

WHAT’S UP WEDNESDAY – Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace

ramsey_headshot Have any of you heard of Dave Ramsey?  This guy knows what he is talking about when it comes to money!!  My husband and I are taking his 13 week class called Financial Peace, I might add that Emily and her husband are also taking the class and they LOVE it too!  We are on week 9 and I am telling you it has already changed our lives!  Ben and I are on the same page with money, our goals with our money are exactly the same, we have already built up a good little savings account, and just yesterday during class we learned about what investments are smart investments and how and when to invest!  We get excited after every class! 

fpu_membership_kit_box Dave teaches how to save up, get out of debt, how to teach your kids about money, and how to make your money work for you!  It has been such a blessing to attend this class and I look forward to learning even more.  There is a website where you can look to see if there is a class being taught near you.  Our bishop is the one who set up the class for us and we watch Dave on DVD’s.   Go to Dave Ramsey’s website where you can put in your zip code and it’ll tell you if there is a class going on.  It is SO affordable AND once you’ve paid and taken the class you can attend any of the classes FREE for life.  We have a couple that comes to our class that took it 15 or so years ago, they say it is so nice to hear these lessons again.  Oh and I might add that Dave is NOT boring at all…he is quite funny and VERY entertaining!  So that is what’s up Wednesday, look into this class, you won’t regret it!!!

- Cammie

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  1. Just posted a plug for you guys on my latest post! Thank you guys for teaching me how to cook! And not to soon, the wedding is in 23 days!