Thursday, May 27, 2010

TEACH ME THURSDAY – Superhero Cape Tutorial

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Remember how I was telling you all I have a list of projects I want to make this new baby of mine?  Well one of the things I want to make him is a superhero cape.  My older boys Jer and Briggs have Batman capes my mom bought them several years ago and they STILL play with them.  So I know this little boy would LOVE this reversible Superman/Batman Cape.  I know he won’t use it until he’s at least walking but with 4 kids, I’ve got to get some of my projects done or it might never happen…seriously!!!  This tutorial from Puking Pastilles is a GREAT tutorial.  I used part of it 2 years ago for Halloween.  Jer needed a Superman cape so I quickly made one, and Briggs needed the Batman logo for the front of his shirt.  Here are a few pictures of my boys in their Halloween costumes I made using this tutorial.  Now I just need to make the reversible one for my 3rd little guy!

Picture 112  Picture 129

- Cammie

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