Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WHAT’S UP WEDNESDAY – The Coolest Idea

This is what’s up today…


This is how my mom has preserved the yearly school pictures for all 5 of us kids.  She never really cared for those 8x10 versions with the smaller circles surrounding the one big circle graduation picture.  And after several different failed displays, she came up with this idea.  She took each of our pictures and had them custom framed.  Simple, but so COOL!  This proudly hangs in the entryway of my parents house so that all who enter in can see how cute each of their kiddos were.  (I’m the oldest, the top row!)  It is probably the most commented on thing in their home!

Another thing my mom does, which is equally cool (it was totally my idea!), is hang a double framed picture of each of us kids when we graduate high school.  This double frame has our baby picture and our graduation picture…

So, for the 3 of us who have graduated (this is me of course), these hang in my parent’s stairway. (I couldn’t get a good picture of all of them!)\

Ok, last cool idea…can you tell I love preserving posterity through photos?!  This is what hangs in my parent’s bedroom (yes my idea too!)…


My mom says she loves being able to look at all her “little sweet faces” every day.  (it was impossible to get a good picture of these because directly opposite is a huge window!)

So, there you have it…my favorite things about my parent’s house! 


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