Friday, April 2, 2010

FREEBIE FRIDAY…You’ve Been Egged!


Monday night my kids and I “egged” some friends of ours!  Its the nice, friendly way to egg someone!  We started our night out by filling a bunch of plastic Easter eggs with some yummy candy, then I printed out a sign that says “YOU’VE BEEN EGGED” from Eighteen 25

IMG_6128Picasa IMG_6126Picasa

Then to be even sneakier we all got dressed in black.  We called ourselves the black bunnies!  We even put on some black hoodies!  We then grabbed our Easter baskets filled with eggs and drove to our friends.  Ben was the get-a-way driver.  He dropped us off and got positioned to get-a-way.  We hid some of the eggs and we let some of them be very exposed on the lawn.  When we were done hiding all the eggs Briggs waited for the rest of us to get in the car, then he taped the sign to the door, rang the bell, and ran for it!!!  This is where we ran into a few problems, I accidently closed the door and our automatic door was causing problems and wouldn’t open, finally it opened but by then we didn’t want to be caught so our crazy amazing get-a-way driver backed up to the end of the street where we could be hidden.  We couldn’t tell if our friends were hunting for eggs so we just waited and waited.  Finally we decided it would be clear for us to return home, but just as we passed their home they all came out to hunt for the eggs!!!  We all ducked (except for our driver) and hoped they didn’t see us!  The next morning during carpool our friends told us all about being egged, and they never suspected us!  I guess they didn’t notice us drive by because they were having too much fun hunting for eggs!  It was such a fun night!!!

To print the “You’ve Been Egged Sign” go HERE!

- Cammie

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  1. that sounds awesome!
    so glad you could use our egged sign!
    have a wonderful easter today...