Thursday, March 4, 2010

Teach Me Thursday – Nursing Cover

Since my youngest child and this baby are going to be about 4 1/2 years apart I have discovered some new and exciting things to make in baby land!  One of those things is a nursing cover!  In the past I have used blankets and I had many issues of it being kicked off, blown off or just not covering me completely.  So I decided to make me one!  I want to start making all kinds of things for this baby but most of them require me knowing the gender!  Thankfully I could make this nursing cover, regardless of what I’m having.  I actually didn’t follow a tutorial, I had one my sister in-law gave me that wasn’t my taste and a bit too small, so I took it apart and figured out how to make it.  I did however bookmark a great tutorial on how to make a nursing cover HERE.  This would make a perfect baby shower gift!

Here are a few pictures of the one I made:

IMG_5827 IMG_5830

My daughter wanted to model it…isn’t she cute?!?!

- Cammie

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  1. Yes, little Ali is SOOO cute! I never had one of those nursing covers, but I sure needed one. I always struggled with issues. Oh well, maybe in the next life, I'll get me one. :) Love you, Cam