Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Year at Pocket Full of Posies

Happy New Year!!  So, we decided to take last week off…but we’re back to posting this week!  And boy do we have some great stuff planned to kick off the new year! 

FIRST of all, we have a ton of NEW POCKET DESIGNS ready for your refrigerators.  We are really excited about these designs and hope you like them as much as we do!

SECONDLY,  January is going to be full of new additions.  Each week we will be adding a new THEMED recipe pack to our inventory.  We are super excited about these additions!  To kick it all off, this week we are adding THE “BIGGEST LOSER” RECIPE PACK.  That’s right, every recipe in this pack fits the “Biggest Loser” lifestyle.  Not only do you get the recipes, but we’ve formatted them with ingredient lists to make cooking and eating healthy that much easier!  This recipe pack will fit right in to our Pocket System, and is a great addition to your recipe box!  So let us help you keep that New Year’s resolution to eat healthier and maybe you’ll be able to stick to it the entire year! 


Click HERE to order The “Biggest Loser” Recipe Pack.

So we’ve kicked off the new year pretty “big” (ha ha), but be sure to check back each week for a surprising new addition…we’ve got some good stuff!


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