Thursday, November 12, 2009

Recipe Boxes

In case you haven’t noticed, we sell a meal planning system that contains recipes!  Our system is great for organizing and planning meals, but what do you do with the extra recipes when they aren’t part of the plan?  There are many options, or course, but my favorite, and probably the most traditional, is a recipe box.  And let me tell you, there are some CUTE boxes out there!  Here’s some ideas of what you can find to store and organize all your recipes.  Just one more way to make your life a little more organized!


This Bamboo Recipe Box is $12.99 at Target!  Simple, but cute!







Here’s a cute “What’s Cooking?” box from Amazon for $11.53.





I thought this Clear Box was very unique, especially with the handy recipe holder.  This box comes from Simply Smart Living for $16.95.






This Martha Stewart Recipe Box is my favorite!  I happen to have it myself in red!  It comes from Macy’s for $11.99.


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