Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What’s Up Wednesday – I have an amazing mom

IMG_7397(Az trip July 2010, My sisters, mom and I)

It’s Wednesday!  My first day as a mom of four WITHOUT my mom around to help!  My mom flew out a couple day before I had my baby and stayed for another week after Cade was born.  When she was getting ready to leave yesterday I all of a sudden REALLY realized what she has been doing for me; She cooked every meal, did all my dishes, cleaned my house, did my laundry, made me homemade laundry soap, got up with my school age kids and got them ready, made lunches for them, did homework with them, got Ali ready, hair and all, picked up my kids from school, did my grocery shopping, cooked me a ton of chicken to freeze for meals, organized my office and basement, and I’m sure there is more, AND she still got ready for the day, played a ton with baby Cade, hung out with me, and took 468 pictures while she was here!!!  She is seriously amazing!  I am missing her already!  When we dropped her off at the airport I couldn’t stop the tears from coming!  My pour husband gets so worried when I cry so he tries to comfort me by saying he’ll help and that I am amazing too, that I will be able to do all the things I need to!  He is so sweet but I know he knows nothing compares to having your mom there when you need her.  I am so grateful she came, I always learn SO much from her when I’m with her, and I always want to be better because of her!  So now I am hoping I can get at least 1/2 the things she did in the day, and still enjoy my baby.  I love the newborn stage and I don’t want to miss any moment with Cade.  Wish me luck!  And if you have an amazing mom, call her, email her, write her a letter, tell her how amazing she is and how much you love her….we all know we need to say it more often!!!

- Cammie

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