Monday, October 11, 2010

MANIC MONDAY – Finally! Baby Shower Pictures!

Ok, so I know Cammie had her baby like 2 weeks ago, but I FINALLY have the pictures from her baby shower!  I know you all have just been itching to see them! ;)  So, here it goes!

IMG_9410Our Super Baby for the evening!  Seriously, so cute right?!!
 IMG_9421 The spread…all the food was packaged for superheroes and the drinks wore capes!  (We used Kool-Aid Squeeze Its)IMG_9422
Hero Vitamins = Junior Mints
X-Ray Vision Drops = Fruit cup (watermelon, blueberries, and kiwi)
Hero Nosh = M&M cookies
We also had brownie bites packaged as Secret Identity Bars, but the picture turned out blurry, sorry!
IMG_9428 Our theme and the gifts starting to pile up!
IMG_9445 I gave Cammie a diaper bag filled with stuff you’d find in a diaper bag, and made her this onesie for Super Cade!

Congrats Cammie! 


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