Monday, October 4, 2010

Manic Monday – Baby’s First Year


Caden is HERE!  I am so in love all over again!  My sweet baby boy was born on September 28th and has only brought our family more joy!


So now that Cade is here I need to cherish every moment and record every milestone (especially for his first year)!  For all my other babies I have kept a 1st year baby calendar to write and fill in all their milestones.  After I fill them out I transfer the info to my computer so I can make cute scrapbooking calendars for their first year.  I have done everything except create the cute scrapbook pages!  Shame on me!  But lucky for me Emily did this very same thing for Steve and is doing it for Dan.  So I asked for her calendar templates and the other day (before I had Cade) I scrapbooked 3 calendars for Cade!  Yeah!  I’m going to try and be ahead of the game this time.  (except now I need to get my other 3 children's book done)!  I am so excited about doing this, I think its a great way to keep those baby memories!  Wish me luck on keeping up, I do have FOUR children now! :)

- Cammie


  1. So cute look just beautiful for just having a baby. I do believe that cute little hat your Caden is wearing was probably made by someone in RS.