Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tasty Tuesday - Birthday Cakes

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Emily and I love making birthday cakes!  Growing up my mom would ask us kids what kind of cake we wanted and she would make it.  Even as we got older she would ask us, we got creative and sometimes asked for some interesting requests.  I asked for pumpkin pie several times, and people thought I was pretty crazy since my birthday is in March!  One of my sisters asked for donuts, and my other sister asked for jello one year!  I decided to keep that tradition with my kids and hubby!  My husband picks really yummy things like Carmel Apple Cake, while my kids usually pick some fun things!  Here are some of the cakes Em and I have made through the years:

CIMG1207_018_018 CIMG1209_020_020

Jer’s Superman cake

CIMG1368_138_138 CIMG1369_139_139 

Briggs Snake Cake

Picture 001   A Spider cake

Picture 061 Picture 060

Brigg’s Monkey cake

Picture 085 Picture 084

Jer’s Space Cake

Picture 012 Picture 014

Briggs Campfire cake (we had a fun camping party this year)

IMG_3290 IMG_3293

Jer’s Bass Fish Cake (one of my favorites!)

IMG_4121 IMG_4167

Brigg’s Rocket Cake…I loved it when we lit the candles!

IMG_0966 IMG_0939

Ali’s Tinkerbelle Cake (this was my first time using fondant…pretty fun)

 Picture 041 Picture 047

Ali’s Carebear Cake

CIMG2180   CIMG2219

Ali’s Present Cakes

IMG_6391 IMG_6320

Ali’s Princess Cupcakes (with cupcake toppers) (that was easy) Oh and she HAD to have pink cupcakes because of her favorite book Pinkalicious!

We have done cakes for other occasions too!  Here are a few Emily did:

IMG_2332 IMG_2333

YW Recognition Night…how cool is this cake?


Stevies 1st birthday cupcakes


A fun cake Em and a friend made…love the polka dots


The cake Em made for my 29th birthday!


Animal cupcakes for Stevies 2nd birthday


Halloween cupcakes for a YW party!

Hope you enjoyed seeing all our cakes!

- Cammie


  1. Now THAT is a talent I wish I possessed! I love the photo one & polka dots!!

    The Gift Closet

  2. You are so creative! And such a loving mother to let your kids choose! I regretably dont want to because it's too much work. :) Loves to you all, R