Monday, August 2, 2010

Manic Monday – Moving


We are moving in 2 weeks!!!  I am SO excited but there is SO much to do!  We are only moving about 10 miles/20 minutes from where we are now, but it is going to be a GREAT and much needed change.  We are moving closer to church, family, friends, shopping, the hospital, the gym, seriously it feels like everything we do is there.  It is going to be AMAZING!  (can you tell I am SO excited?) 

You would think I’d be feeling overwhelmed since I haven’t really packed even one box, or made one phone call for moving changes…but I must remind you all I have AMAZING family around me.  Emily is out of town for this week, but next week she has offered her assistance and I know she’ll make the job go by so quickly.  I also have Liz, my other sis-in-law that just moved here and I know she’ll help in anyway, she’s so kind like that.  Then Ben’s parents, brothers, and so many good friends have offered to help.  I am so blessed don’t you think?  Especially since I am 32 weeks prego (which means I am large in the belly, AND I can’t lift much) With all this help I feel the best thing to do is be organized.  I found a great website with an AWESOME moving checklist.  The site is called Squawk Fox.  The thing I love most about the checklist is that it is broken down into time frames….what to do 2 months before the big move, 2 weeks, 1 week, all the way to the day of the move.  How cool is that?  Go check out the MOVING CHECKLISTS if you are moving soon too!

- Cammie

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  1. Best wishes on your move, and your upcoming addition to your family!