Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tasty Tuesday – My New Favorite Brownies

IMG_0653 In Arizona my sister Amber and I discovered a new love, Peanut butter chip brownies!  We were making brownies and Amber had some left over peanut butter chips from a previous treat she made, and I said lets throw the rest of these in, so we did!  They were a hit!  So much so that we made them again a few days later, then AGAIN once more, they really are that good!  Twice we used Duncan Hines Brownies and once we used a different brand, we both agreed that the Duncan Hines were the BEST.  So to make this delicious treat you need:

41430CL1.  Duncan Hines Brownies (must be chewy fudge) *oh also we replaced the oil with melted butter


2.  A bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Chips (use the whole bag if you want)

All you do is follow the directions for the brownie mix, add the peanut butter chips, and bake (because of the added chips we cooked for about 5 minutes less)  Let cool slightly then eat up with a tall glass of milk!  YUM YUM!

- Cammie

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  1. Yumm!!! I have done this type of thing for years. Just a simple box of brownie mix and I add in my own choc chips or PB chips to spice it up. So good, and people always think I have done it from scratch!