Monday, July 5, 2010

Manic Monday – Re-organizing your Filing System


(Picture from OrgJunkie)

There are SO many reasons why I need to re-organize my filing system, one is that since our Dave Ramsey class we have been trying to organize our finances and get all our paper work in order.  Another reason is because I am terrible at filing things away, ONLY because I know I’m going to have to search more than I want to in order to even FIND the right file the paper belongs in!  My files right now are all jumbled and mixed up, there is no order to them.  So I have been getting a few tips!  One tip I actually got from a friend of mine, who by the way is SUPER organized. 


She said one thing that is SO important about organizing your filing system is that all the tabs are in line with each other.  It is more pleasing to the eye and easier to find the file you need.  I also happened upon Organizing Junkie’s Filing System and she does a whole makeover to her filing system, I love her sub-categories, and if you notice her tabs are in line with each other!  Good luck, I know this task will take longer that I want and my office will look worse before it looks better!

- Cammie


  1. Not sure how I came across this blog here, but I LOVE IT! Love the photos, love the ideas, love it all. So much fun. AND....I'm going to try the pocket meal idea. Anything that can save me any ammount of time is a bonus in my book. AWESOME!

  2. yep i'm in your boat and this is my focus for this week, lets have a race ;o)

  3. Your pocket planning system looks awesome! Organization with all things food is exactly what I need!