Tuesday, June 8, 2010

MANIC MONDAY – Organize your kitchen


I am a little late when it comes to spring cleaning…I’m going to blame it on the pregnancy!  I am finally feeling that need to get some major cleaning done, plus I have more energy to do it.  Last Saturday while my husband was helping his parents with some yard work, the kids and I cleaned and reorganized the kitchen.  It took us a good 4 hours, but SO well worth it!  I am so happy with the results and now I’m just hoping it stays this way for awhile!  Here are some tips on how I got my kitchen cleaned and organized just right:

1. Start with one drawer or cupboard.  I had my kids empty the drawer or cupboard, then I used a disinfectant and wiped it down, inside and out.

2.  Then I decided if I wanted to put it back in the same drawer or cupboard or if I thought it would be better some place else.  I left things pretty much the same…but there were several items that I moved!

3.  Next, get rid of things you don’t use!  I got rid of things I hadn’t used in the last year (surprisingly there were a few things).

4.  Now put things back in a more organized way!  I used some baskets for some of my smaller items in my drawers which keeps everything in their place.  Also the way you stack things helps make a cupboard look better and it’s easier to find what your looking for.

5.  Finally, give your entire family a tour of your new kitchen!  I remember my mom doing this with us every time she re-organized a room.  It really helps keep things in their new place!

- Good luck, Cammie

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  1. Step #5 is so important. I learned this the hard way. After re organizing my husband didn't know where I put everything so he ended up putting things away in the wrong places. Ruined all my re organizing efforts.