Monday, May 10, 2010

MANIC MONDAY – Organizing Kids Art Work

I have 3 kids so I have TONS and TONS and TONS of art work they either make at home or bring home from school.  And if your kids are like my kids they are SO proud of EVERY SINGLE project and picture they do!  But I love it!   So we have several ways we “organize” their art.

Picture 263

I made two clip boards so they can clip their favorite pictures.  I made this almost 2 years ago, my thoughts were that they would rotate the pictures but they just keep on adding to it…so if I took a more recent picture it would be FULL of pictures galore!  They love it and are so excited to add to it, and when I walk by and see all their pictures it makes me smile!

Picture 008

Another way I display all their art work is in picture frames!  I got these bright picture frames from Ikea, so affordable and I love the colors!

These ways work well for us but I still end up with SO much they HAVE to keep!  And since school is almost out my kids are going to bring oodles and oodles of Art and worksheets home…what else can do?

I found several great ideas:

Create a book out of their art work!!!  I found this site Tikatok where kids can make a book out of their art work…my boys would LOVE this


Or I love this idea, where you have a filing system for each kid and add their favorite art and pictures to each grade: (I can’t remember where I found this sorry)


And last but not least I love the idea of making folders for each grade and adding the BEST art for the year like The Idea Room does:


Good luck organizing your kids art work…I really hope I can get mine organized the way I want! 

- Cammie


  1. These are great! We have lots of art floating around our house that no one wants to get rid of. I need to implement any one or all of these!!