Monday, May 17, 2010

MANIC MONDAY – Any Teacher Would LOVE This!

What a week I had last week!  I am SO ready for a new week….and maybe some sunshine, no DEFINITELY some SUN!  I don’t think I’ve yelled at my 2 year old so much in so little time ever!  Please tell me that I’m not the only mom who has bad dayS in a row, not just a bad day, but DAYS?!  I am praying for sun, because I can be a better mom with sunshine on my face!  And dry swings!

But, totally not the point of my post today!…

Before I got pregnant with my oldest, I was in school to be an elementary school teacher.  While I was going to school, I substitute taught and LOVED it!  When I grow up (or really when my kids grow up) I want to be a teacher.  I have a serious respect for teachers of all grades.  I think they do some of the most important work and do it for almost nothing.  Teachers teach because they love it, which makes them unique and very special.  So, it’s only fair that they get loaded up with goodies at the end of the school year, right?! 

Well it’s that time of year, all our favorite blogs are spilling over with teacher appreciation gift ideas.  I don’t think I’ve seen any that I haven’t liked.  But, I thought I’d share one that I think is probably my favorite of all the great ones I’ve seen lately.  And, if I were a teacher, I would totally LOVE this!


A new favorite blog of mine, eighteen25, (thank you Cammie for introducing me!) recently had a tutorial on how to make these cute boxes


I think you could do this for just about anything though, not just a teacher’s gift!  It’s such a great organizing idea (totally fitting for Manic Monday!).  And it looks so easy.  Since I don’t have kids in school yet, I need to find a different reason to make one of these!  I love the amazing ideas you can find in the blogging world!

Well, here’s to hoping for sunshine and a good mom week! 



  1. It's beautiful. It would be great for going off to college or new office colleague/starting new job!


  2. DUDE! Ok, I am hooked on your website... Great ideas!