Friday, April 9, 2010


I grew up playing the BEST game ever called “Don’t Eat PETE!”  My mom would line up 10 pieces of candy, marshmallows or even chocolate chips on a plate.  We would sit in a circle and one person would turn around while another would point to everyone else which piece of candy was Pete.  Then the person would turn back around and start to pick each piece of candy, one by one hoping not to pick Pete.  If they did pick up Pete everyone in the circle would yell “DON’T EAT PETE” and then it starts all over again with someone else turning around.  Well my kids also love this game!  A few years ago I found some cute game cards from Executive Homemaker.  She has the regular “Don’t Eat Pete” card and some other fun ones.  My boys favorite is:

Don’t Eat Spidey”  


These are also great gifts.  Last year I made a Thomas the Train for my daughters friend and added a large bag of M&M’s.  The little boy loved it!  Two years ago I had a birthday party for Briggs and the theme was a camping theme.  We set up our tent in the basement and played “Don’t Eat That Fish” from a game card I made.  The kids loved it!  I promise you this game is a hit with kids, plus once they learn how to play they will play for hours!

- Cammie

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