Wednesday, March 31, 2010



April Fools Day is so much fun, especially if you like to prank people like I do!  My mom was a big jokester for April fools day and made it lots of fun.  I have SO many great memories of April fools day and all the pranks she played!  Last year my kids were looking forward to April fools day, probably because I kept talking it up and telling them I was going to get them good!!  The night before I switched the cereal in the 2 of the cereal boxes, stuffed newspaper in their shoes and put a toy lizard and toy snake in their sandwiches for lunch!  That morning I got to witness my pranks...Briggs started to pour his choice of cereal and when he saw that it wasn't the right cereal he said, “what the...”, looked at me and started laughing.  Jer came down and did the same thing!!  He said, “I can't believe you already got me mom!!”  Then they both went to put their shoes on and to their surprise there was newspaper stuffed inside...”awh mom, you got us again,” they said!  They both started talking about how they were going to get me good.  When I went to pick them up from school I asked them if they had any more April fools surprises.  MOOOMMM you put a snake/lizard in my sandwich!  They thought it was quite funny.  When we got home Briggs walked up to me with a somber look on his face and handed me a paper.  It was a behavior sheet.  It is the discipline action the teacher takes when a student has acted out several times in one day.  On it was marked 4 times, once for Briggs acting out, once for talking when he should be listening, once for not standing in line, and the others I can't remember.  I looked at Briggs and said, "I guess we need to have a talk about his don't we" (I was seriously surprised) then he flipped the paper over and yelled, "APRIL FOOLS!" On the back was a note from his teacher saying it was an April fools joke!  He totally got me good!!!  I was so impressed at how he kept a straight face and waited for the perfect moment!

I also got my husband pretty good.  I had been scheming up this plan for a week, basically a few days after Emily told us she was prego.  The week before the 1st I started acting like I wasn't feeling so well in the morning and getting headaches a lot.  I also acted as if I was so exhausted by the middle of the day and always complaining to Ben about my low energy.  Finally the day came, I had to go to mutual that night so before I headed home I picked up a pregnancy test from Emily.  I got home and immediately sat down next to Ben on the couch.  I started telling him how tired I was and how I wasn't feeling great.  He turned to me and said, "What if your pregnant?" (I couldn't believe how easy he was making this for me:)) I played off like that wasn't the case, but he insisted I go take a pregnancy test.  I didn't want to seem too anxious so I said I would after I rested a bit.  I finally went up stairs and tried to take some time so that he thought I was actually waiting for the test results.  As soon as I thought I waited long enough I slowly walked down our stairs with he pregnancy test in my hand and stopped in front of Ben, waited for him to look up at me and said, "I'm pregnant"  "Holy crap are you serious?" was his reaction.  So I showed him the test.  I could see the wheels turning in his head as he started asking all these questions, What are we going to do?  Do you think everything is going to be fine?  How did this happen? I finally could tell that he was really freaking out so I said, "April fools!" He looked at me very confused and then looked at the pregnancy stick, "but it says positive?!" I then told him that I had Emily pee on the test for me(since she was prego) He was totally smiling by now and telling me I got him good, he just kept telling me over and over that I really did fool was really funny and he was such a good sport!

APRIL FOOLS 2010 will look something like this:

An April Fool’s breakfast my mom has done in the past…pancakes with cardboard in the middle.  My kids will love that. 

This joke I found at Rachel’s Blog they might not love as much:

Salt on the Toothbrush- Pretty funny--take someone's toothbrush in your family and sprinkle a little salt on it before they brush their teeth. (she has a few other cute ideas you can check out)

I’m not sure what I’ll do in their lunches…hummmm better think of something quick!

But for dinner I believe this will be a hit:

Faux Chicken Nuggets


Its actually pound cake!!!  I’ll have real chicken nuggets ready after the joke is played.

As for my husband, I better not tell since he follows our blog!!!

- Happy April Fool’s Day, Cammie


  1. My husband would KILL me if I did that...he;s always said that 2 is enough...but we'll see! Good trick!


  2. April Fool's IS the best holiday! Glad you are having so much fun carrying on the tradition!!! Mom