Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tasty Tuesday – St. Patrick’s Day Popcorn


St. Patrick’s Day is such a fun and easy holiday to celebrate.  Growing up my mom made the day fun with food!  Our breakfasts were green eggs or green pancakes.  For our lunches she would make or buy green bread for our sandwiches, green grapes, green kool-aid and green popcorn balls!  I have kept the green food tradition alive and my kids love it!  They love green eggs and they especially love the green popcorn, who am I kidding I love the green popcorn too!  Here is the recipe:


Caramel corn

**Just add a few drops of green food coloring before pouring over popped popcorn to make it green.



  1. Your blog is so cute! Great job girls! I love you both. R