Tuesday, March 23, 2010

TASTY TUESDAY – Let’s Start Thinking About Easter

Easter is right around the corner, and since I love any excuse to make a treat, especially a fun one with the kiddos, I thought I’d post this super cute,  super EASY Easter treat idea.  Mini Edible Easter Baskets.

(I did not take this picture, I found it in a Google image search…so I really don’t know where it is from!)

All you need are some ice cream cones (like the ones in the picture), jelly beans (which are everywhere right now!), and some apple licorice.  I didn’t even know there was such a thing as apple licorice, but I would imagine any green candy like it would work.  Or any color for that matter!  Get creative!  Either way, 3 things!  This is a good one for younger kids, with a tiny attention span, to help with.  Anyway…fill the ice cream cons with jelly beans.  Then, with a knife, poke a hole on either side and stick the licorice (or whatever) in to make the handle.  I think it would be even cuter to add some green colored coconut before adding the jelly beans, to look like that annoying green grass stuff! 

There you have it…an Easter inspired Tasty Tuesday! 


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