Monday, March 1, 2010

Manic Monday – Organizing digital pictures

I LOVE pictures!!!  I love capturing all the major events in my families lives and I love capturing the little moments of life, basically I always have my camera and yes, my kids are used to me taking a million pictures and begging them to smile!  After I take these million pictures my favorite thing to do with them is scrapbook, digital scrapbook.  Both Emily and I got into digital scrapbooking almost 4 years ago.  We both love being able to create pages without making the mess, so digital was perfect for us both.  When I first got my digital camera and got into digital scrapbooking I knew I needed a better system on how to organize my pictures.  I remember searching for how others organize their pictures, but nothing really was working for my brain.  Finally I came up with the best way for me to keep my pictures organized.  Here is how I do it.

1.  I have a folder called CAMMIE’S PICTURES:

cammies folder

2.  In that folder I have a folder for each YEAR:


3.  In each year I have a folder for each MONTH:

the year

4.  In each monthly folder I have folders for the EVENTS of that month:


5.  Then of course the actual pictures are in the corresponding event folder:


This simple way totally works for me for several reasons, one being that I remember when things happen by date so it’s easy for me to find a picture I am looking for.  Another reason this works for me is when I scrapbook the events are in their own folder and ready to be put in a cute layout.  Of course there are so many ways to organize digital pictures but I thought I might share my way in hope it may help someone!

Good luck organizing!  - Cammie

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