Tuesday, November 3, 2009


pumpkin_pie I love traditions.  I love keeping old traditions, and I love making new traditions.  So, this time of year is my favorite because of all the traditions!  In the spirit of traditions, I thought I’d share a family tradition my mom started many years ago, that is a little different, but one of the best!  Sometime when I was in high school, my mom decided to designate November as “Pie Month.”  Pie Month means an entire month of baking pies.  I swear my mom will make at least a couple different pies each week.  She will repeat our favorites (a lot) but try all kinds of new ones too.  Pie Month caught on quite quickly, and we all love to make pies in November.  But that’s the funny thing about Pie Month, it only happens in November.  I can’t remember my mom making a pie any other month in the year!  So, we load up on all kinds of yummy pie all month, discovering old favorites and new.  Then, by Thanksgiving the best part of pie month happens.  Thanksgiving day we eat pie first!  This is by far my favorite part of Pie Month and I have since brought it to my own family traditions!  Basically, to make sure we had room for the best part of Thanksgiving dinner…the pie…we eat pie all day and before Thanksgiving dinner!  I remember before Pie Month was invented, drooling over the many delicious looking Thanksgiving pies and not being aloud try any of them until after dinner.  But thanks to Pie Month and the pie first tradition, I wait no more!  Aren’t traditions the best?!  Happy Pie Month!


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