Thursday, September 17, 2009

Welcome to Pocket Full of Posies, Perfect Pocket Meal Planning!

Why we started Pocket Full of Posies:

Cammie was looking for a way to gather her favorite recipes from all of her cook books into one spot and to take the work out of making meal plans.  She hated meal planning and weekly grocery lists and ended up cooking breakfast for dinner three times a week instead of planning ahead.

Emily also wanted her recipes in one spot, but really wanted to save large amounts of money.  Her goal was to cut her grocery bill in half while still making the meals she wanted every week.  She needed a structured plan so she would stop buying extra stuff.

So between the two of us we came up with the Perfect Pocket Meal Planning System.  We combined Cammie’s lack of cooking and Emily’s over buying and created a plan that fit both our needs.  We’ve been perfecting our system for almost a year.  Cammie now cooks and Emily cut her grocery bill in half! 

Our system was working so well for us we started telling our friends and family.  It turned out many of them needed the same help we did in meal planning and grocery savings and wanted in on the meal planning success.  We thought if our friends and family were this excited maybe more moms like us would want a little help too. 

If you’re ready to organize your life in the kitchen, get started by watching our tutorial now!

And don’t forget to come back, tomorrow is a FREE GIVE-AWAY!!!

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